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A&R Engineering Co., Inc.. Aerospace manufacturing AS9100 Rev. B and ISO 9001-2008 gap analysis, Auditor Training, Management Review Coaching I felt we were well prepared overall for our registration audit. Well organized and professional.
AAA Plating & Inspection Inc. Metal Finishing ISO 9002-1994 Group Implementation Facilitators were great
Aero Products Military Spare Parts AS9100D upgrade, AS9100D internal audits, management review, corrective action assistance, AS9100 rev. C upgrade, AS9100 Rev. A Implementation, ISO 9002-1994 Group Implementation, Internal Auditor Training, Gap Analysis Audit, AS Documentation Support The consultant has made a tremendous impact on our company by helping us to complete our manual and procedures in a very minimal amount of time. She did an outstanding job. Relatively inexpensive and effective way to gain knowledge and prepare for ISO.
AGSE Corp. Aircraft Ground Support Structures AS9100 B Internal Audits, Customer Audit Response Assistance, Corrective/Preventive Action Assistance The consultant has made a tremendous impact on our company by helping us to complete our manual and procedures in a very minimal amount of time. She did an outstanding job. Relatively inexpensive and effective way to gain knowledge and prepare for ISO.
Aircraft Seal and Gasket Precision aerodynamic seals, specialty elastomeric seals and gaskets AS9100 A Implementation, Corrective Action Assistance
Alco Technologies Aluminum frames and vents for electronics. AS9100 B upgrade, ISO 9001-1994 Group Implementation Shara was our first teacher with ISO 9001. We were so impressed with her knowledge and skill-overall effectiveness, that we hired her again for AS9100 B and ISO 9001-2000 upgrade.
Amratec Engineering Aerospace Machine Shop NADCAP measurement and inspection program, management review, AS9100D internal Audits, FOD prevention program, AS9100D upgrade, AS9100 Rev. C internal audits/upgrade, MBD/DPD system development, grinding procedures, AS9100 Rev. B Audit Kept us in business and up to date with AS requirements.
Arrowhead Products Fabricated manifolds and other materials for ducting and flexible bellows. ISO 9001-1994 Gap Analysis Their approach to the fact finding was direct and refreshing.
Automation Plating Corp. Zinc and cadmium plating ISO 9001-2000 upgrade, ISO 9002/QS900 Group Implementation Improved our management system and increased our market-ability.
B & R Gear Custom gear cutting ISO 9001-2000 upgrade, ISO 9002-1994 implementation You made us feel comfortable with your straight forward, down to earth style. I admire honesty. I think all have learned from the way you took our procedures and adapted them to meet the ISO standards, rather than jamming your ways down on us.
Bd Systems Information systems and technology ISO 9002-1994 Group Implementation
Bergandi Machinery Company Machinery for wire processing. ISO 9001-1994 Group Implementation
Better Way Grinding Opposed double disk grinding ISO 9002-1994/QS-9000 Implementation Very helpful and an asset to our quality system.
C. Brewer Company Plastic Injection Molding ISO 9001-2000 upgrade, Internal Audit Training
C.R. Laurence Company, Inc. Automotive Manufacturing QS-9000 Internal Auditor Training
Cal Flex Manufacturing Inc. Flexible circuits. ISO 9001-1994 Implementation
CalNetix High speed motors, generators, magnetic bearings, and fly wheel systems. Management Rep. Training, ISO 9001-2000 upgrade, ISO 9001-1994 implementation, Internal Audit Training We think of them as part of our team.
Certified Alloy Product, Inc. Cast superalloys ISO 9002-1994/AS9100 Implementation, Internal Audits
Coast Plating, Inc. Anodizing, chromic conversion coating, passivation, titanium cleaning, organic coatings, and NDT. AS9100 A implementation Huge impact: improvement in all areas including customer approvals.
Composites Horizons, Inc. Composite parts ISO 9001-1994 Gap Analysis and implementation I thought the team was very qualified and they were able to swiftly review our documentation and compare it to the ISO standard.
Craig Tools Precision tools. ISO 9002-1994 Group Implementation I've enjoyed the time and experience my facilitator brings with her.
Cristek Interconnects, Inc. Connector Manufacturer Internal Auditor Training It really made me understand the importance of why we as an organization need to be very familiar with our own procedures. Teamwork is the best way to achieve any objective.
Danmar Compressed air products ISO 9001-2015 Registration Preparedness Audit
Darnell Corporation Industrial grade wheels and casters. ISO 9001-1994 Gap Analysis and Implementation Planning This gives us a good view of what to expect from ISO auditors-and the work we must do to attain certification. Both(auditors) interacted effectively with our employees. Both were direct and plain spoken.
Direct Response Communications Engineer, furnish and install telecommunications equipment. TL-9000 Rel 3.0 Implementation
Elio Motors OEM 3 Wheeled automobile Supplier Audit This was a very professional and thorough audit. Shara uncovered issues that we never would have found.
Flamemaster Corporation Aerospace sealants, fire protective products, protective coatings AS9100 B turn-key implementation It was a positive experience. Very professional yet with a pleasant, soft and easy approach. We are glad we hired you.
Flo-Kem Cleaning products (liquid, powder). ISO 9002-1994 Group Implementation, Internal Audits.
Foam Matrix Resin transfer molded products, missile and aircraft structures ISO 9001-2000/AS9100 A upgrade, ISO 9001-1994/AS9000 implementation Registrar said the doc review only took 3 hours, the fastest ever...procedures were easy to follow. One customer was so impressed, the rep asked MUC to help his other suppliers.
Fordon Industries Inc. Centerless Grinding AS9100D upgrade, AS9100 Rev. C upgrade, Internal Audits, AS9100 Rev. B Audit Kept us in business and up to date with AS requirements.
Fresh & Easy Food Retail, Distribution and Manufacturing Documentation Planning and Development
Frontier Technologies, Inc. Aerospace, Energy, and Architectural Structures AS9100C internal audits, corrective action support
Garwood Laboratories,Inc. Laboratory and testing services AS9100 A Gap Analysis, ISO 9002-19994 Gap Analysis and Quality Manual Development You've made it possible to do my job at this company, with an objective, straight forward quality system...I can't say enough good about your really got us ready!
Gerhardt Gear Co., Inc. Customer gear manufacturing AS9100 A upgrade The gap assessment gave all concerned a more focused idea regarding the direction of the QMS and a renewed enthusiasm toward the transition process...Very professional, yet personable.
Goodyear Rubber Rubber manufacturing Quality Tools Training Course
Grindley Mfg., Inc. Small precision machined parts and assemblies AS9100 A Implementation MUC was a pleasure to work with and very knowledgeable in the AS standard. We believe that by implementing AS our business will improve.
Grover Products Company Airhorns and baseball bats. QS-9000/ISO 9001-1994 Implementation They came in and turned the company around. They gave us a real firm footing. An excellent experience. Did an exceptional job and united the people of Grover.
GTC Semi conductor distribution ISO 9002-1994 Group Implementation The program was very helpful.
Hi-Shear Technologies Pyrotechnic and electronic devices AS9000/ISO 9001-1994 facilitated implementation, internal auditor training
Hutchinson Aerospace Manufacturing and Repair AS9100 Rev. C internal audits, AS9100 A Gap Analysis, Internal Audit Training, Repair Station Manual and Audit
Hydra-Electric Co. Pressure switches for aerospace AS9100 A Upgrade, AS9000/ISO 9001-1994 facilitated implementation
IDEA, Inc. LED Assembly ISO 9001-1994 Gap Analysis Enthusiastic and competent, friendly approach, and overall helpful attitude.
International Electronic Research Corp. (IERC) Heat sinks and tube shields for electronics ISO 9002-1994 Gap Analysis All phases were well presented and handled with professionalism. It set forth tasks and gave us an organized plan to implement ISO in a timely manner.
JR industries Manufactures and distributes electronic hardware ISO 9001-2000 turn-key implementation Shara consulted with my company during the process of becoming ISO 9001-2000 registration. Her knowledge and guidance helped us become a better company.
KDL Precision Molding Corporation Custom molding of elastomeric gaskets, seals, o-rings, etc. ISO 9002-1994 Gap Analysis
KenWalt Die Casting Die casting ISO 9001-2000 Implementation We couldn't have done it without your help and guidance. I now know I made an excellent decision and chose the best consultants. Thanks a million! Being ISO certified is opening new doors of opportunity.
L3 Power Magnetics Manufacture and assemble transformers ISO 9001-1994 Group Implementation and facilitated implementation Both facilitators were highly knowledgeable and good communicators. The on-site gap analysis was great and oh so useful.
MAGicALL Designs and manufactures custom magnetic components and electronic assemblies AS9100 Rev. C upgrade, AS9100 Rev. B Documentation Assistance
Magnetika, Inc. Transformers and power supplies. Manufacturing assessment Professionally performed all function.
Marton Precision Manufacturing, Inc. Precision machining ISO 9001 internal audits, AS9100 Rev. B upgrade, AS9100 Internal Auditor Training, Management Review Coaching, Corrective Action Assistance, DPD Shara, thanks again for all your help with the ISO certification. You are very much appreciated and a pleasure to work with. She successfully assisted to implement AS within 3 months!
McCrometer Design & Manufacture Flow Measurement Solutions ISO 9001:2000 Auditing
Metric Precision Machine & Engineering Precision machining and assembly AS9100 A Implementation, Digital Data System development, Management Rep Coaching, Internal Audit Training Thank you for the way you tied the requirements to the way we actually do business.
Micronova Manufacturing, Inc. Cleaning products for clean rooms. ISO 9002-1994 Group Implementation What I liked best was the broad knowledge of standards and implementation that both instructors imparted and the willingness of other companies to share and swap information.
Millennium Space Systems, A Boeing Company Satellites and Space Solutions AS9100D Implementation, QMS support Shara – my special thanks for all your support in getting us to where we are – starting from the beginning of this journey. The AS9100 certification is a really huge deal.
Motorcar Parts & Accessories (MPA) Starters and alternators QS-9000/ISO 9002-1994 Gap Analysis
MRV Communications, Inc. Optical transport and ethernet multiprotocol access optical termination/demarcation ISO 9001-2000 Implementation
MX Marine Navigational systems for maritime and precision positioning industries. ISO 9001-2000 Implementation Great to work with!
Nautilus International Holding Corp. Stevedoring and terminal operations ISO 9001-2000 Implementation The investment of time and money was well worth it...they provided the necessary expertise required to ensure the project continues to have a very positive impact on improving critical business activities and customer service.
NS Wash Systems Vehicle wash systems manufacture, install, and service ISO 9001-2008 Turnkey Implementation, internal auditor training, ISO 9001 internal audits, nonconformance process assistance The process has vastly increased the organization's awareness of quality procedures and assisted in restructuring to provide better products and services.
NTK Aviation America, Inc. Aerospace distribution AS9120B upgrade, AS9120 Training, AS9120 Internal Auditing, AS9120-2002, AS9120 Rev A upgrade, Internal Auditor Training Our company is definitely better quality system now and we could not have done this without our consultant. We were given the best clear-cut advice!!
Ophir RF Design and manufacture high power, solid state, broadband and communication amplifiers and subsystems. ISO 9001-2000 Implementation
Paragon Precision, Inc. Prototype and production machine shop specializing in complex, highly contoured precision products. AS9100D internal audits, AS9100 C Internal Audits
Pentadyne Power Corp. Alternate Energy Source ISO 9001 Implementation, Internal Audits, Auditor Training, Gap Analysis, General Consutling Shara demonstrated the highest degree of professionalism and knowledge of ISO. She was easy to understand and provided clear direction. She maximized team participation and supported corporate goals. She led is to ISO certification.
Photo-sonics Inc Manufacture photo-optical equipment. ISO 9001-1994 Implementation Very efficient and thorough...very positive. Good for employee morale and motivation...will help production.
Physical Optics Corporation Optics and electronics assembly ISO 9001-1994 Implementation
PLASFAC, Division of Plastic Technology Group Plastic injection molding and assembly ISO 9002-1994 Implementation
Plastique Unique Plastics and tooling ISO 9001-1994 Group Implementation
PMD, Inc. Precision Machining AS9100 Rev. C turnkey implementation assistance, AS9100 C Internal Audits, Product Submittal Package assistance
Precision Resource Precision Stampings QS9000, FMEA, APQP Training and Pre-Registration Audit Presenter was excellent-her experience and expertise. Good, interactive workshop, good use of examples.
Precision Silicone, Inc. Customer mixed silicone products. ISO 9001-1994 Gap Analysis
Rangers Die Casting Co. Aluminum die casting ISO 9002-1994 Group implementation. Very good!
RDS Wire and Cable Distribution and processing of wire, cable, insulation and assembly. AS9100D upgrade/conversion, AS9100D internal audits, AS9120 Conversion and Internal Audits, AS9100 Rev. C internal audit/upgrade, Process-based internal audit training, AS9100 B upgrade, AS9100/ISO 9002-1994 Implementation. They were very pleasant, professional and personable. They turned a daunting task into a manageable project. Our entire company has a better understanding of our system and our procedures are now well documented.
Reinhold Industries Composite formed aircraft structures. Internal Auditor training and management representative training.
Riedon, Inc. Electronic Resistor design and manufacture ISO 9001-2008 documentation, internal auditing
S. Bravo Systems Environmental/pollution control systems; petroleum dispensing containment systems. ISO 9001-1994 Gap analysis and implementation planning We were very impressed with the professionalism and ability to interact with our personnel without disrupting normal business. The team tactfully pointed out opportunities for improvement. We learned how to keep growing and be better organized.
S.P.A.R.E.S. Distribution of rubber elastomeric products. AS9100 A Implementation This project has propelled SPARES into the highest quality realm, and will create equal footing with our peers.
Salsbury Industries Mailbox and locker manufacturing Internal Audits
San Diego Precision Machining Precision machining ISO 9002-1994 Gap Analysis
SAS Safety Corp. Personal protective equipment ISO 9001 turnkey implementation You have given us all the tools to become ISO 9001 certified!
Slide Systems High volume, four slide/punch press machining ISO 9002-1994 Gap Analysis I was very satisfied and impressed...they were both impressively professional.
Solar Integrated Technologies Design, manufacture, installation and service of photovoltaic solar electric roofing products, systems, and energy and conservation solutions ISO 9001-2000 Implementation, Registration Preparation Training This project has helped SIT develop procedures and documents necessary for the company to evolve from a start-up to an on-going operation.
Solaris Paper Design and Manufacture tissue and paper products ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 turn-key implemementation assistance The consultant was always very helpful, took time to explain the process, helped us feel comfortable with the general
Taiyo Yuden ( U.S.A.), Inc. Distribution of electronic components ISO 9002-1994 Implementation and Auditor training Excellent communication & assistance throughout the project..the match was perfect with our consultant...everything was completed on time or ahead of schedule.
Telatemp Corporation Manufacture temperature measurement devices AS9100 B Gap Analysis Thanks for keeping us on schedule.
Tier 1 Engineering Composite design and manufacture AS9100D upgrade, AS9100D internal audits, AS9100 C Turnkey implementation, Internal audits Shara, thanks for your help. Always available as a reference.
TLC Air charter and logistics services ISO 9001-2000 Implementation I am so glad we had you for the have made something that looked difficult at first, quite easy to understand. Thank you for all your help. We couldn't have done it without you.
Trio Manufacturing Inc. Precision Machining, measuring devices AS9100 Rev. C Correction assistance,AS9100 C internal audit, Assistance with Management Review and Corrective Action, AS9100D registration preparation. As a result of engaging Montana Consulting, we assured ourselves success with our AS9100 revision C certification.
Tyco Nellcor Healthcare Design and manufacture class 1 medical devices CFR 820/ISO 9001-2000 Internal Auditor training
Valley Processing Rubber manufacturing ISO 9001-2000, Internal Audits
Victory Production and Engineering, LTD Screw machine airbag components QS9000 Implementation We now have every confidence that QS registration is in our very near future.
Vinyl Technology Vinyl and textile ISO 9001 Implementation, ISO 9001 Internal Auditor Training, Executive Training Good Job! You made it easy to understand
WALTCO Truck Equipment Company Automotive hydraulic lift gates Manufacturing assessment As a result of the assessment, we improved teamwork, organization in the plant, increased safety awareness, implemented receiving inspection, and created goals and measures for each department.
Western Saw, Inc. Circular blade saw cores ISO 9002-1994 Gap Analysis
Westmont Industries Cranes and mechanical walkways ISO 9000 Internal auditor training, interim quality manager, MIL I 45208 system creation Our quality system didn't just maintain status quo, it improved significantly. She was able to step in immediately, work out compromises between various departments and customers.

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